Become a Wor’Yahi Student!

Become a student of Warriors of Righteous TODAY and gain access to even MORE martial wisdom to help evolve yourself AND your community!

When you become an official student of Warriors of Righteous, you get access to:

  • Weekly Martial Wisdom Study Classes for Leadership & Self Development Via Zoom every Friday(Classes range 30-40 minutes)
  • Field Trip oppotunities to various Nature Parks in the Atlanta, Ga area
  • Free School T-Shirt( Serves as uniform when training & for community events
  • Access to GroupMe Chat for all information coming directly from Chief Martial Arts Instructor

Wor’Yahki Belt System

Warriors of Righteous does have a belt system that allows students to seek growth throughout their training. We do not follow traditional martial arts school however. Warriors of Righteous Martial Arts Academy belt system is our OWN AFRIKANIZED system that shows the growth in one’s self as an individual as they learn & absorb the Martial Wisdom they take in. The ranks are listed from lowest to highest level:

  • No Sash(Beginner)
  • Sash of Enlightenment(White)
  • Sash of Wisdom(Yellow)
  • Sash of Peace(Blue)
  • Sash of Courage & Passion(Red)
  • Sash of Power(Brown)
  • Sash of Righteous(Green)

Going Up In Rank

All students are able to go up in rank by showing a level of consistency in their training as well as being apart of community events such as fundraisers, beautification, community service, and more.

Become a Wor’Yahi Student TODAY!

If your interested in become a student today, click the one of the links below to get started! We have two forms of memberships. All donations are processed through PayPal and are as followed

(ALL Student memberships are donations to the school and are NOT taken as profit):

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W.O.R: Student Membership 3 Month Bundle
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