Chief Wor’Yahi Meets the Prince of Pan-Africanism

November 5, 2021 our Chief Wor’Yahi had the honor to meet the PRINCE of PAN- AFRICANISM, otherwise known as, Dr. Umar Johnson! During this meet, Tyriek “Ras Riek” Baucom was able to gift Dr.Umar a copy of his Self-Published book ‘Afrikan Warrior Wisdom: Martial Arts Philosophy from the Afrikan Mind Vol. I’. Our Chief hadContinue reading “Chief Wor’Yahi Meets the Prince of Pan-Africanism”

W.O.R at Leaf Livin Tournament 7

August 7, 2021 marked the FIRST Tournament that students of Warriors of Righteous have taken part in! We had a total of 3 students compete, as well as the Wor’Yahi Chief, Tyriek Baucom, providing an outstanding performance in an Exhibition Match! The Warriors displayed true courage and passion in this tournament, and two of ourContinue reading “W.O.R at Leaf Livin Tournament 7”

Welcome to W.O.R: Our 3 Pillars

Warriors of Righteous Martial Arts Academy is a Non-Profit martial arts school centered around Afrikan Martial Arts to uplift BLACK Youth & Adults. We use martial arts as a cultural basis to restore it back into our Afrikan culture by helping build young leaders that will grow to be upstanding individuals in our communities! OurContinue reading “Welcome to W.O.R: Our 3 Pillars”