W.O.R at Leaf Livin Tournament 7

August 7, 2021 marked the FIRST Tournament that students of Warriors of Righteous have taken part in! We had a total of 3 students compete, as well as the Wor’Yahi Chief, Tyriek Baucom, providing an outstanding performance in an Exhibition Match!

The Warriors displayed true courage and passion in this tournament, and two of our students actually had the honor to face each other! The battle the had was nothing but exhilarating and they both gave each other an experience they can learn from!

As for our Chief, he went into this tournament as one of his last competitions for a while as he is now putting his focus in teaching Self-Defense for the people in our communities. His performance was also a spectacular bought being that he came in & displayed passion, courage, and intensity.

We extend our thanks to all that came in support. We give thanks to Baba Sifu and his team for hosting the event. We also give thanks to the Most High for allowing us to be in such a great space to share Martial Wisdom!

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