Welcome to W.O.R: Our 3 Pillars

Warriors of Righteous Martial Arts Academy Est.2021

Warriors of Righteous Martial Arts Academy is a Non-Profit martial arts school centered around Afrikan Martial Arts to uplift BLACK Youth & Adults. We use martial arts as a cultural basis to restore it back into our Afrikan culture by helping build young leaders that will grow to be upstanding individuals in our communities!

Our foundation of our school is to Protect, Provide, & Preserve, otherwise known as our 3 Pillars. As Afrikan Warriors and Martial Artist, it is our sole duty to protect our communities by teaching self defense as well as philosophical lessons to help aid in the self improvement in one’s life. We also provide for our communities through various community events such as fundraisers, Clothing/Food Drives & more. Last but not least we preserve our communities through beautification, agricultural projects, and man other things to make sure our Black communities are provide with the love and care they deserve!

In the future, Warriors of Righteous Martial Arts Academy recognized as the “SHIELD” that protects, provides, & preserves its community because it is the PEOPLE of a community that makes it strong!

We look forward to calling you all Wor’Yahi!

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